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Below in red is an aerial view of the walking trail from the Fair Grounds to Artic Springs.
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Left:  President Fritz Truax Presenting Sonja Kern with a magnifier to aid in seeing. 
Above: Sonja Kern with new seeing aid.

Sonja is mostly blind and prier to this device, she needed to hold a magnifying sheet over her work.  With this device, she will be able to rest it on her work.  She is a student at G-E-T  Middle School.

Spring 2010
2011 Galesville Lions $500.00 Scholarship recipients
Caleb Thatcher 5-25-11
Neil Canar 5-25-11
Caleb is planning to attend the University of Duluth this fall.  He is undecided on a major at this time, but is considering a career in engineering.
Neil is planning to attend Winona State University this fall.  He plans to major in Composite Materials Engineering. This degree would work with plastic and carbon fiber.  His interest is to work in the prosthetics field with a back up of working in the automotive, aeronautics or sporting goods fields.
Lion Bob Howe (left ) and Lion Tom Goller (right) present Fire Chief Rick Docken a check for $1,500.00.  This donation is to help the Galesville Area Fire Department outfit the New (used) Pumper Truck.  This truck will be the primary response truck with tools to respond to auto and truck accidents as well as fire emergencies.